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Sora 的创作能力,已经让很多人震惊了,自己制作电影的时代来了,以前做个短视频觉得已经够满足了,现在人人都能成为导演。

这几天大家都在等什么时候能用上,我给他分享一个可能提前用上Sora的方法,注册成为Open AI 红队内测人员,之前的GPT-4,DELL发布之前都会有一批参与红队测试的人,优先获得使用机会,而且免费使用,后面Sora这种极大消耗GPU的模型,注定普通人用不起。



按照如下截图去填写申请表,邮箱推荐 Google 邮箱,居住国家推荐选择美国





填好之后点击Submit,出现thank you for your application即为提交成功,然后等待通知就行



My interest in joining the OpenAI Red Teaming Network stems from my diverse background and profound passion for the field of AI. As a law graduate, I have a deep understanding of legal and ethical issues, which makes me particularly concerned about the ethical use and societal impact of AI technologies. My journey of self-teaching programming and working as an architect in Beijing has given me a firsthand insight into the power of technological innovation and the challenges faced in practical applications. As an entrepreneur in the AI field and a founding partner of the "AI Breakthrough Club," I have not only witnessed the rapid development of AI technologies but have also actively participated in this process. Particularly through the development and operation of a GPTs drawing master with a subscription of 10,000 users, I have accumulated extensive hands-on experience. I hope to bring my background and experience to the OpenAI Red Teaming Network, collaborating with other experts to promote the safe, reliable, and ethical development of AI technologies.

Given my background and experience in the AI field, I believe that OpenAI should focus on red teaming in the area of AI ethics and social responsibility. With the widespread application of AI technologies, especially the GPT series models, across various industries, their impact on social behaviors, information dissemination, and even decision-making processes has become increasingly significant. This includes not only technical issues such as model bias and privacy protection but also broader social ethical issues, such as the potential role of AI in spreading misinformation and exacerbating social divides. By conducting in-depth red teaming in these areas, OpenAI can not only enhance the security and fairness of its models but also play a leading role in promoting thoughtful consideration of the societal impact of AI technologies and responsible use. As an entrepreneur with a legal background and practical AI application experience, I place great importance on maintaining ethics and social responsibility in the development of AI and hope to contribute my perspective and strength.



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